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you and i are madly in love

Humphrey & Waldorf
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A Dan Humphrey & Blair Waldorf community

dare to dair
she can't always be wrong, he can't always be right, not a matter of choice, just a matter of time.

the duo
The Queen B and the Charity Work. Or the lonely kids who just need a like minded soul? They met with a handshake, she was manipulative and he was out of his comfort zone. He couldn't wrap his head around her "95-pound, doe-eyed, bon-mot-tossing, label-whoring package of girly evil." She couldn't fathom his relationship with her BFF Serena. He was a sucker for a crying brunette in a hallway, she gained new found confidence from his wise words. They bantered and bickered, she's in love with his Cabbage Patch Kid, he calls her by her last name. Lets face it, their chemistry is undeniable.

the rules
¦ The tags are your friend! Use them!
¦ You may post icons, news about the show, the pairing, and whatever else, as long as it's relevant.
¦ Please place all spoilers, rumors, icons, pictures, fanart, quizzes, contests & polls under a cut. If you're posting spoilers/rumors please warn members so those who are spoiler free can avoid reading the post.
¦ Please use three (3) teaser icons only. Your icon post can include other fandoms but please use Gossip Girl teasers. If you have an animated icon, we ask that you do not post it as a teaser.

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